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Launched in 2018, Dec’s Pets is a family-run retailer specialising in a vast array of pet care. With an established client base in Ireland, their aim was to establish an e-commerce presence in order to expand geographically and reach a wider audience.


Brief were tasked with modernising the existing website using a fun, family-friendly design; a transition from an off-the-shelf web package to an entirely bespoke site. Their main goal was for users to view and buy their products online with ease, and more visibility for the company’s brand presence in the e-commerce market as a whole was needed.

Dec's Pets Shop


A design strategy was formulated to reinforce the Dec’s Pets brand. A light blue and striking pink colour scheme was implemented to invoke trust, but still reflect the playfulness of the pet marketplace. The use of modern visuals and a clear font increased the legibility of the new brand. The Dec’s Pets “paw” illustration was designed and used as a watermark to create a consistent design language.

Dec's Pets Website on an iPad


Using WooCommerce with WordPress, a custom build was created for the new platform. Back-end services were rewritten in PHP, removing the use of any heavy plugins such as MailChimp and Stamped.IO. This drastically decreased page load time. A new plugin was also created for Dec’s Pets, Squidge , which compressed and converted images to AVIF and WebP formats. Used in conjunction with lazy loading images, this made for an extremely quick platform.




growth in overall traffic


point increase in PSI


increase in ROI

I have had the pleasure of working closely with on the development of my new website. They have such a huge array of skills, not just in web development but across business and e-commerce as a whole. They helped us create a beautiful and modern website, and gave us ideas and initiatives for the future. It was a pleasure working with them. Declan O’Keffee, Digital Director Oak Tuition Mockup
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