EDR Dental Mockup

EDR Dental is a leading provider of dental restorations for clinicians and their patients across the U.K. They use state-of-the-art milling machines to produce a wide variety of products from the very best materials.



The existing website for EDR Dental was slow, cumbersome, and out of date. was tasked to bring in a new, refreshed brand for the company and introduce a simple UI to complement their bespoke dental restorations. A sleek and fluid design was needed to bring the company into the modern era, with easy ways to get in touch.

Dental milling machine


To reinforce a clean, modernised dental laboratory feel, a deep blue with soft pastel greens were used, which invoked trust in the brand. Clear, detailed iconography was embedded in the designs which, coupled with a dot pattern scattered throughout the design, added a depth of field. A simple layout with a conventional grid structure made the user flow easy to navigate.

EDR Dental Website on iPhones


A custom CMS was used as a content management system, allowing EDR Dental to change each and every word on their new, modernised site. This made for an extremely rapid platform, achieving 97 PSI on mobile . Married with high attention to detail for accessibility and SEO factors, lighthouse scores were impressively high. barba.js was used in tandem with AOS to achieve clean, professional page transitions which gave the website an app-like quality.






point PSI on desktop


average CTR

Richard Penny, Administrator Fantastic design company, could not recommend highly enough. Very professional service and produced a final product that far exceeded expectations, thank you!